Till Weber

Position: Professor

Campus Affiliation: Baruch College

E-mail: tweber@gc.cuny.edu

Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, MRes, European University Institute; Dipl-Pol, Free University of Berlin

Research interests: Comparative democracy, Quantitative methods

Prof. Till Weber studies democratic politics in comparative perspective. He is particularly interested in the mechanisms of political representation and the resilience of democratic regimes. His research pursues these themes by integrating elite-oriented approaches to political competition, party systems and cabinet government with mass-focused analysis of voting behavior and public opinion. While most of Prof. Weber’s work is quantitative in nature, his latest project involves a case study of unicorn migration.

To view the list of Professor Weber’s publications, click here.

Read an interview with Dr. Weber here, from the Fall 2017 issue of our department newsletter, Homo Politicus.

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