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The Political Science program at the Graduate Center, CUNY consists of a community of scholars dedicated to the tasks of acquiring, expanding, and transmitting reliable knowledge about political phenomena. Its essential function is to educate professional political scientists, capable of independent research and qualified for careers in academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.
Students in the Political Science program are trained to become professional political scientists. Students develop a substantive knowledge of politics and increase their analytical and critical skills. The program offers an M.A., an en-route M.A. to the Ph.D. students, and a Ph.D.
The Political Science Program features courses in five subfields:
• American Politics
• Comparative Politics
• International Relations
• Political Theory
• Public Policy
Each subfield has its own set of areas of interest. Courses of study and majors and minors in the doctoral program are defined in terms of these fields. In addition to the subfields, students may choose subfields of their own design in consultation with the Executive Officer.
Doctoral candidates will conduct research, attend seminars, and have additional training opportunities through the program’s affiliation with several research centers and institutes, and publications. They will also have opportunities to gain teaching experience at CUNY colleges, preparing students for careers as college and university teachers.
In addition, students can specialize in Writing Politics, which trains them to write serious political analysis for audiences outside of the discipline. While the Ph.D. and M.A. Programs feature a diversity of approaches, all students are expected to specialize in and develop an understanding of the discipline as a whole.


Alyson Cole, Executive Officer
Email: acole@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-817-8670
Spring 2020 Virtual Hours (Wednesday, 11am-1pm via Zoom)
Charles Tien, Deputy Executive Officer
Email: ctien@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-817-8670
Spring 2020 Virtual Hours (Wednesday, 4pm-6pm (Click here to enter portal for DEO virtual office hours))
Michael Fortner, M.A. Advisor
Email: mfortner@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-817-8670
Spring 2020 Office Hours: Wednesday (Remote) 3:00pm-5:00pm via Zoom (Click here for enter chat room during office hours)
Peter Liberman, Program Admissions Chair
Email: pliberman@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-817-8670
Spring 2020 Office Hours (Remote via email): Wednesday, 2pm-4pm or by appointment.
Philip Johnson, M.A. Writing Fellow
Email: pjohnson@gradcenter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-817-8670
Spring 2020 Office Hours (Remote via e-mail): Tuesday (4pm-6pm), Wednesday (6pm-8pm)
Earl Fleary, Academic Program Officer
Email: efleary@gc.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-817-8670
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