GC Dissertation and Theses Guidelines

Apply to graduate (in CUNYfirst) for the February 2023 degree by January 13, 2023.
Deadline to complete deposit is January 31, 2023.

Schedule your defense at least five (5) business days prior to depositing to allow time for corrections and revisions.

A dissertation or thesis may be deposited anytime; deadlines appear in the academic calendar and are reproduced below:

Degree Date September 30, 2022 February 1, 2023 May/June 2023
Last semester enrolled Spring 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Apply for graduation
in CUNYFirst
September 1, 2022 January 13, 2023 April 4, 2023
Library deposit deadline September 15, 2022 January 31, 2023 April 28, 2023

Students should check with their programs about submission and approval deadlines that may be required in addition to the library deadlines above.

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