Charles Tien

Position: Professor, Deputy Executive Officer
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College, CUNY Graduate Center
Phone: 212-817-8670
Summer 2022 Office Hours: By appointment
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., University of Iowa
Research Interests: American politics, congress, quantitative research methods, representation of minorities and women in the U.S. Congress
Prof. Tien was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award in 1999-2000 to teach American politics at People’s University in Beijing, China. His publications have appeared in journals such as American Politics Quarterly, Public Choice, Public Opinion Quarterly, and Women and Politics. Prof. Tien is co-editor of Polity, Journal of Political Science.
Read an interview with Dr. Tien here, from the Fall 2019 issue of our department newsletter, Homo Politicus.
Recent Publications:
  •  “Proxy Forecasts: A Working Strategy.” PS: Political Science and Politics 46: 39-40. (2013) with Michael S. Lewis- Beck.
  • “Election Forecasting for Turbulent Times.” 2012 PS: Political Science and Politics 45: 625-629. (2012) with Michael S. Lewis- Beck.
  • “Obama and 2012: Still a Racial Cost to Pay.” PS: Political Science and Politics 45: 591-595 with Richard Nadeau and Michael S. Lewis- Beck.
  • “Japanese Election Forecasting: Classic Tests of a Hard Case.” 2012 International Journal of Forecasting 28:797-803 with Michael S. Lewis- Beck.
  • “Racial Voting in 2012?” In Model Politics. May 2, 2012. (May 2, 2012) with Richard Nadeau and Michael S. Lewis- Beck
  • “Nowcasting” the 2012 US Presidential Elections. In the Monkey Cage. (December 15, 2011 and updates on January 6, 2012, Febuary 3, 2013, March 1, 2012,  July 12, 2012, August 10, 2012, September 18, 2012). With Michael S. Lewis- Beck
  • “The Influence of African American Members on Congress: A Content Analysis of Civil Rights Debates,” Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race 5(1): 115-35 (2008) with Dena Levy.
  • “The Job of President and the Jobs Model Forecast: Obama for ’08?,” in PS: Political Science and Politics 41: 687-90 (2008) with Michael S. Lewis-Beck.
  • “Forecasting Presidential Elections: When to Change the Model?,” in International Journal of Forecasting 24 (2): 227-36 (2008) with Michael S. Lewis-Beck.
  • “The China Threat, National Missile Defense and American Public Opinion.”Defense Analysis 19:35-54 (2003) with James Nathan.
  • “Presidential Election Forecasting: The Bush-Gore Draw. ” Research in Political SociologySociological Views on Political Participation in the 21st Century 10: 173-187 (2002) with Michael S. Lewis-Beck.
  • “Representation, Voluntary Retirement, and Shirking in the Last Term.” Public Choice 106:117-130 (2001).
  • Do Differences Matter? The Impact of Women in Congress.” Women and Politics 23:105-127 (2001) with Dena Levy and Rachelle Aved.
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