Faculty News: Spring 2021

Faculty News: Spring 2021

Professor George Andreopoulos published “Academic Freedom as a Human Right,” in A Research Agenda for Human Rights (Edward Elgar Publishing 2020) and “Embracing our Common Humanity” in A Community of Scholars (Columbia University Press 2020). As of January 2021, Professor Andreopoulos is the Editor-in-Chief of Human Rights Review.

Professor Sherrie Baver was appointed as a member of the Earth System Governance International Research Fellows Network. She also published “Nature Conservation, Extractivist Conflicts, and Indigenous Rights in the Americas” in Global Environmental Politics.

Professor Emeritus Mark Blasius co-edited More Tomboy, More Bakla than We Admit: Insights into Sexual and Gender Diversity in Philippine Culture, History, and Politics (Vibal 2020).

Professor Jacqueline Braveboy-Wagner’s published “Caribbean Foreign Policy” in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies.

Professor Heath Brown and Professor Charles Tien were guests on the podcast, “A Divided Country, But Still a Democracy.”

Professor Mitchell Cohen’s book The Politics of Opera: A History from Monteverdi to Mozart was republished in paperback (Princeton University Press 2020). His article, “Irving Howe: A Socialist Life,” appeared in the Fall issue of Dissent.

Professor Forrest D. Colburn published Colonialism, Independence, and the Construction of Nation-States (Palgrave Macmillan 2021). An early draft of the work was presented in the department’s Comparative Politics Workshop.

Professor Alyson Cole published “(Re)Made in America: Survivorship after the Shoah” in the European Journal of Cultural Studies and “Breaking the glass slipper: Can Marjorie Taylor Greene succeed as ‘Trump in drag’?” in Fortune Magazine. She also was elected to the Activist Educators Collective of the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault

Professor Michael Fortner was featured by the Graduate Center in an interview discussing safeguarding Black communities.

Professor Emeritus Joyce Gelb contributed “Hiroko Hayashi: A Fond Remembrance and Celebration of Life,” in Scholar Lawyer and University President (Komiyasha Press 2020). She was also a consultant on social movement theory to Ray Brescia’s book The Future Of Change: How Technology Shapes Social Revolutions (Cornell University Press 2020). 

Professor Janet Gornick appeared on CUNYTV with Laura Flanders.

Professor Carol Gould published “Solidarity between the National and the Transnational: What Do We Owe to ‘Outsiders’?” in Transnational Solidarity: Concept, Challenges and Opportunities (Cambridge University Press 2020).

Professor Thomas Halper published “The Living Constitution and the (Almost) Dead Contracts Clause,” in the British Journal of American Legal Studies.

Professor David Jones published “Gender, Sex, and Trust in Government” in Politics & Gender. and “Institutional Context and Accountability for Political Distrust” in Political Research Quarterly. Professor Jones was featured by the Graduate Center for his consulting work as an exit poll analyst for The New York Times and CBS for the past 20 years.

Professor Leslie McCall published “To Reduce Inequality, We Need a More Democratic System of Political Representation” in The Thought Project.

Professor John Mollenkopf moderated “Rethinking NYC: Governing a Diverse City,” a panel on minority and immigrant empowerment in city politics at the Graduate Center

Professor Corey Robin published “The Professor and the Politician” and “Trump and the Trapped Country” in The New Yorker.

Professor Sanford F. Schram published “Racial Liberalism Resurgent: Connecting Multi-Racial Protests and Electoral Politics Today,” in the Journal of Race, Ethnicity and, Politics

Professor Zachary Shirkey published American Dove: US Foreign Policy and the Failure of Force (University of Michigan Press 2020). 

Professor Nicholas Rush Smith published Contradictions of Democracy: Vigilantism and Rights in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Oxford University Press 2019).

Professor Yan Sun published From Empire to Nation State: Ethnic Politics in China (Cambridge University Press 2020)

Professor Till Weber published “The Proof of the Pudding: Issue Yield at the Ballot Box” in Conflict Mobilisation or Problem-solving? Issue Competition in Western Europe (Routledge 2021).

Professor Thomas Weiss co-authored with Tatiana Carayannis (Ph.D., 2017) The “Third” United Nations: How a Knowledge Ecology Helps the UN Think (Oxford 2021). 


Professor Susan Woodward appeared on International Horizons to discuss the outcomes of Balkan peace. 

Professor Ming Xia published Explaining Power with Political Science: Misgovernment by Demagogues from China to U.S., 2010-2020 (Bouden House 2021) and he co-authored “Opinion: ‘Twin Guardians of Civilizations’” in DailyClout.​