How Democrats won the House – By Melissa Herrmann & David Jones

This was a House election centered around sharply polarized reactions to the presidency of Donald Trump.

Exit polling shows that over two-thirds of voters explicitly said that one reason for the vote for the U.S. Senate had to do with President Trump. Over a third of voters (38 percent) attributed their vote partially to opposing Trump, and almost all of them said they voted for the Democratic candidate. Of the 26 percent of voters who said that a reason for their vote was to support Trump, the vast majority voted for a Republican candidate.

Looking at opinions of Mr. Trump among all voters, only 44 percent of approved his job performance, with 54 disapproving. Among disapprovers, 90 percent voted for the Democratic House candidate. A similar 88 percent of those who approved of Trump voted for the Republican House candidate.  For more on the article, click here