'Advertisers Delete Tweets Around Calls to Boycott Sean Hannity' - Kara Alaimo

‘Advertisers Delete Tweets Around Calls to Boycott Sean Hannity’ – Kara Alaimo

Advertisers are sending mixed messages in response to calls for a boycott of Sean Hannity.

An effort to pressure companies that advertise on Mr. Hannity’s program on Fox News appeared to gain momentum in recent days based on Twitter messages from brands including Keurig, Reddi Wip, Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty and Volvo Car USA.

But by Tuesday, those companies were clarifying — or even deleting — statements they had made on the platform that indicated they had pulled ads from Mr. Hannity’s show because of comments he made about Roy S. Moore, the embattled Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama. Those moves followed a backlash against Keurig that included fans of Mr. Hannity posting videos of themselves destroying the company’s coffee makers.  For more on the article, click here