Vincent Boudreau

Campus Affiliation: City College New York
Email: vboudreau@ccny.cuny.edu
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Cornell University, 1991
Research Interests: contentious politics, state repression, regime transitions, Southeast Asia
Dean Vincent G. Boudreau earned his Ph.D. in Comparative Politics and International Studies at Cornell University.
He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Southeast Asian politics and political organizations. His current research examines the connections between patterns of state repression and modes of social resistance across the long and troubled history of dictatorship in Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Formerly chair of the Department of Political Science, he currently serves as the Dean of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership.


resisting dictatorshipVincent Boudreau, Resisting Dictatorship: Repression and Protest in Southeast Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2009).
Vince Boudreau compares strategies of repression and protest in post-war Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines because these alternative strategies shaped the social bases and opposition cultures available to dissidents and, in turn, influenced their effectiveness. He includes first-hand research as well as the the social movements’ literature to consider the interactions between the regimes in the wake of repression, and the subsequent emergence of democracy. Boudreau offers a genuinely comparative study of dictatorship and resistance in South East Asia.
grassroots_and_cadreVincent Boudreau, Grass Roots and Cadre in the Protest Movement (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2001).
Takes the reader behind the scenes of rallies and mass gatherings. Presents a story of how three grass-roots collectives were recruited by a socialist political movement, and how these unities fared amidst changing political and social conditions.
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